Live video productions offer a number of creative challenges for a crew, and those challenges are amplified with live sports productions.

Integrated production switchers are designed to make it easier to create high quality video productions, even if you have a control room crew of one or have students with limited experience running the show. Broadcast Pix offers three families of integrated production switchers – Flint, Mica, and Granite – to suit a variety of needs and budgets, but it also offers a number of affordable products and options to help maximize your school’s live sports coverage.

Better ScorekeepingBroadcastPix Rapid CG
Introduced in 2010, Fluent Rapid CG quickly became a popular option for Broadcast Pix customers to streamline the creation of data-intensive CG graphics. For sports, it automatically integrates databases, RSS feeds, and custom actions like scorekeeping into templates for customized graphics with significantly less manual effort.

With simple drag-and-drop operation, Rapid CG links a database to a template created in the system’s built-in Inscriber CG. Text and/or graphic information is automatically updated in specific fields within the template, so there is no re-keying of data. The automation process can be applied to several templates simultaneously, so if the score is included on a full-screen image and a small scoreboard in the corner of the screen, any score changes are automatically applied to both graphics. Plus, Rapid CG only operates within specific fields so only data changes, not the templates.

If your school does not have access to an automated database for scoring, Rapid CG can still improve data input and eliminate mathematical errors. You can create custom action buttons that add incremental graphics. For example, an action button can be designed to add six points to the score if a football team scores a touchdown.

Broadcast Pix now offers Fluent Rapid CG LT, a “light” version that can access RSS, Twitter, weather and other cloud-based data sources and allow them to flow directly into on-air graphics. Tweets can also be pre-screened with a built-in management system. Fluent Rapid CG 3, the latest full-featured software version, adds dual-channel connectivity to local and cloud-based content databases, news automation, and scoreboards. With cloud-based databases becoming common for sports and other applications, Rapid CG 3 allows sports scores in league databases to automatically flow into on-air graphics. It also adds support for OES Scoreboard data and Web-based XML databases, in addition to system-based Microsoft Access or XML databases.

BroadcastPix ReVue HockeySlo-Mo Options
Instant replay has become an integral part of the home sports viewing experience, but many slow motion systems are simply out of reach for school budgets. Earlier this year, Broadcast Pix introduced an affordable option, ReVue, which works with any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher or independently in other production environments. Developed in collaboration with strategic partner EditShare, ReVue is available in two and four-channel configurations, features SDI connectivity with HD recording and playback, and supports up to eight tracks of embedded audio with optional 1080p recording and playback.

A compact controller includes a jog/shuttle wheel for reviewing footage, with dedicated buttons for marking in and out points for playback. All video sources are played back in sync, so it is easy to cut between cameras and find the best replay angle. Playback speed is controlled manually with the fader bar, but three preset buttons allow users to assign specific speeds for more consistent slo-mo results. Other intuitive controls allow easy navigation between cameras, clips, and servers.

ReVue’s two output channels can be configured as preview/program or as two programs. With its built-in multi-view, ReVue provides monitors for all active sources, plus preview and program windows. ReVue’s on-screen user interface makes it easy to keep track of marked clips and replays. Plus, Broadcast Pix systems can trigger ReVue playlists directly from the production switcher. ReVue is housed in a 2 RU chassis and includes 8 TB of RAID 6 storage, which can be expanded up to 16 TB.

In August, the company introduced PixPlay, a software option that allows any Broadcast Pix system toBroadcastPix PixPlay Option provide slo-mo control to a Blackmagic Design HyperDeck or AJA Video Systems Ki Pro disk recorder. If you already use either of these decks, you know you can replay footage manually with the front panel controls. With PixPlay, VTR control is ported to the production switcher along with six preset replay speeds for significantly improved functionality.

With PixPlay, you can “scrub” or single step through a scene, and you have an unlimited number of “in” points as part of a playback EDL, which instantly cues the proper scenes. All scoring plays during a football game, for example, can be selected and cued for instant playback at one of PixPlay’s preset replay speeds.

BroadcastPix FX3D Soccer3D Graphics Made Easy
If you want graphics for your sports programming that rival the major networks, Broadcast Pix offers an affordable solution with FX3D, its new real-time 3D graphics system. It was designed as a standalone graphics system for existing production infrastructures, but can be tightly integrated with a Granite or Mica system as well.

With its three software modules, FX3D delivers a simplified end-to-end graphics workflow. FX3D Creator software provides an intuitive interface to design and create graphic content, complete with a built-in 3D modeler. Lights, shaders, movement, and materials on 3D objects can be controlled in real time and in resolution independent HD. FX3D API allows the system to be controlled through Broadcast Pix switchers, and also allows integration with third-party products, such as broadcast news systems.

FX3D Playout is a template-based rundown controller that brings completed graphics to air and includes a variety of asset search parameters, such as keywords or dates. FX3D Playout also allows manual or automatic graphic content updates via external resources, including RSS feeds or XML files, and supports multi-resolution output.

The hardware behind FX3D is the real-time FX3D Engine, which provides the power to create and repurpose 3D graphics simultaneously. FX3D can be housed in a Windows-based hardware solution or as a software only solution that you can configure yourself on recommended hardware. Each system features an extensive library of templates, 3D models and textures that allows users to create and play out stunning 3D graphics with unlimited possibilities.

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