corner new 100Live video has helped transform the way fans view their favorite sports by having the ability to reach their audiences on any screen across the globe.

The importance of live video continues to grow as viewership in the eSport industry increases.

Formula X race car manufacturer, Griiip teamed up with LiveU to revolutionize the way motorsport is covered live in terms of technological simplicity and cost reduction.

Griiip set out to provide a dynamic experience for its audience by delivering premium quality coverage of the G1 Series races. Griiip and LiveU together offered fans an alternative way to watch and enjoy the G1 Series with live technology.


“LiveU is the most advanced, visionary supplier with proven technology that can be successfully used for high-speed motor racing," said Gilad Agam, CTO with Griiip. "The technology allowed us to affordably and reliably stream from each car during the race and give viewers a dynamic way to watch at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies. It was truly ground breaking for us. We believe that this, along with live car data and insights, will really drive audience engagement and attract the attention of other motorsport series.”
The first race of the G1 Series races took place in Milan, Italy and was streamed on a dedicated website to attract both new and existing motor racing fans. Future races were available on Facebook Live.

Drones and First-person Perspective

While a flagship LU600 unit and drones were used for wide coverage of the event, each Griiip G1 car also contained an ultra-small LU200 portable transmission unit from LiveU. Inside the car were also two GoProTM cameras, as well as two microphones, one in the engine compartment to capture engine sound, and one inside the driver's helmet. Video, audio and data from the cameras were transmitted through the LU200 and streamed to the Cloud. The entire live production was done in Israel, then transmitted live to Griiip Facebook page; creating a true at-home production!


Ronen Artman, VP of Marketing for LiveU, said, "It's great to showcase what our technology can bring to viewers and highlights all the recent work we've done to bring our solutions firmly into the world of modern sports broadcasting."

LiveU also developed a multi-viewer platform, where viewers can select individual driver feeds on the G1 Series website so fans could have a different perspective of the race and actually see what the driver was seeing. Fans had the ability to live vicariously through their driver of choice by "getting in the driver's seat" and experience a single driver's live stream vantage points. The platform was on display during the biggest car show, The Goodwood Festival of Speed, which is the largest motoring garden party in the world, with over 250,000 visitors.

Griiip created a high-performance car that can be bought for only €52,900 (they can also be leased) and operated by a small team, with low life-cycle cost, rather than the very expensive team of specialists required in other Formulas. G1 Series provided a hi-tech stepping-stone by creating an entry-level formula with massively reduced costs, but did not compromise on quality.