The words “Sports Over IP” stood out among the rest of the lights, sounds, and equipment at NAB 17.

JVC has taken a huge leap into the sports world with the JVC Sports Production Camera (GY-HM200Sp- which if you are a regular reader, you should know my affinity for this camera. The great thing about JVC is that they are not happy just playing the game. They want to win. 

The developers at JVC are continuing to push the envelope and make the camera better. When the camera hit the market, I thought there weren’t many things they could add to improve it. It already has a graphics system built in that allows you to keep score, time, etc via a connected device. The camera has HDMI and SDI output and shoots in 4k. So what else could they add . . . .

I am glad you asked. JVC has the pulse of the education world at hand and knows that in order to stay viable, we have to be able to offset our costs. JVC has added an “advertising module” to the camera that will allow you to make playlists of PNG and JPG graphics to scroll through when the module is activated. This adds an incredible level of production and sales value. No longer do you just have to have the shot fixed on midfield or center court during breaks in the actions. Now you can add sponsor graphics or other messages during the downtime. If you are streaming, you now have a way to keep your audience engaged.

The camera still works with the Sportzcast scorebot to keep the score, time, and quarter updated. The scorebot connects to the venue’s scoreboard and transmits the information to the camera’s graphics system so you or your students only have to focus on shooting the action.

Another great attack on the sports production world is the ProHD Bridge. (this is the professional version - ThisJVC02 bonded cellular unit allows you to connect to the world via a wireless connection from your camera and cellular cards. The most significant part of the ProHD Bridge is that it can connect to more than one camera wirelessly so you don’t have the setup problems that you may experience with other bonded cellular devices. The ProHD Bridge will be available just in time for football season with a release in July.

Also while we were there, we had the chance to see a PTZ camera with a lot of the features of the Sports Production Camera…. No release date on that yet but keep your eyes peeled for a PTZ camera with 30x zoom and graphics built in…It wasn’t a secret but it wasn’t ready for the world yet.