• SVN Sports Broadcasting

    Welcome to our 3rd edition!

    New articles and case studies to help you prepare your students .

  • Anchoring / Play by Play

    Delivery, Presentation and Style

    The challenge is to present material in a way that engages the audience and sets you apart from your competition.

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  • Production / Broadcast

    Back to Basics

    The basics you need to plan and produce quality broadcasts for your school, your athletic department, your students and your viewers.

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  • Reporting / Writing

    Broadcast Sports Writing

    While print reporters mainly concern themselves with words, broadcasters must take into consideration words, video, and sound.

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  • Case Studies

    Case Studies and Articles

    Real-world examples of the concepts presented in SVN Sports Broadcasting.

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Anchoriing / Play by Play

  • Be a Sports Journalist +

    In modern day journalism, the path to being a successful, and hardworking journalist with integrity isn’t a path that is Read More
  • 5 Tips to Improve your Sports Announcing +

    Your football team just made the playoffs, and you’ve been asked to Livestream the game.   Sports Announcing Read More
  • You are Also Part of a Team +

    There are other differences dictated by the nature of radio versus television. Read More
  • Speak! +

    Knowing how to speak is important for both radio and television aspirants. Read More
  • Play By Play Analyst +

    Anchoring or reporting the sports or participating in the broadcast of a live sporting event—as a performer or on the Read More
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Production / Broadcasting

  • Adding Announcer Audio to Your Live Stream +

    Broadcasting sporting events without a narrator can leave a viewer feeling storyless. Read More
  • Audio for Remotes +

    The types of microphones being used and microphone placement is determined during the planning phase. Read More
  • The Role of Audio +

    The crack of the bat. The rising voice of the excited announcer. Read More
  • The Production Plan +

    In this article, we will look at how this process works, who works on the shows, and briefly discuss the Read More
  • Not Just Audio Good Audio +

    The essentials of audio recording are not very complicated. Read More
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Reporting / Writing

  • High School Sports +

    You're watching the top-rated running back in your state, someone who has broken every record except one - the career yardage Read More
  • The Eight Essential Parts of a Game Story +

    It is the combination of the essentials and extras that make a game story themost complete report on a game Read More
  • Writing to Visuals +

    Whether scripting as an anchor or a reporter, it's important at all times to keep the visuals in mind when Read More
  • Scripting Nuances +

    At times, two or more bites can be edited together to make one thought or two thoughts that might naturally Read More
  • Little Things Mean a Lot +

    It's time to make some things perfectly clear. Read More
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  • A Videographer's Take on the New JVC GY-HM200SP +

    In the world of broadcasting and video production, it’s rare to find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price. Read More
  • In-camera Graphics +

    It is not a secret that I love the new JVC GY-HM200SP. Read More
  • JVC Debuts New Sports Production Camera +

    JVC Professional Video, in partnership with Sportzcast, a sports automation company, announces real-time scoreboard data with the new GY-HM200SP 4KCAM Read More
  • Product Review: NewBlue FX +

    One of the biggest frustrations that I have when it comes to doing live events is graphics. Read More
  • Product Review: Score HD +

    There are many elements involved to create a sports production broadcast that should be addressed to give students the most Read More
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Tom White's Series: The High School Sports Machine


The Sports Production Machine is a monthly feature chronicling the wins (and losses) that come with creating and running a sports production program within your video offerings. The articles are meant to support, encourage, and enlighten readers with real stories from the classroom and the field. The author, Tom White, runs the nationally recognized Sports Broadcast Institute (SBI) at the Rockdale Career Academy in Conyers, Georgia. The SBI students produce hundreds of live broadcasts, news packages, features, and more each year and Tom is free with his stories from the teacher’s perspective. The SBI students get a variety of experiences including working with Georgia State Athletics, the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism Sports Media Certificate program and many more postsecondary and professional organizations.

If there are topics you believe should be covered in the Sports Production Machine articles or if you have questions, you can reach Tom at  twhite@schoolvideonews.com

Read the whole series here

Case Studies

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